Friday, 20 April 2012

Zimbabwe Achievers Award: Supporting five charities in 2012.

Posted by Vanessa Hobson Charity Co-ordinator 

“munhu munhu nekuda kwevanhu” “Umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu”
“Not all of us can do great things. But we can all do small things with great love” (Mother Teresa) and that is exactly what the five charities the Zimbabwean Achievers Awards (ZAA) are supporting this year, are each doing, in their individual ways.

Click to Donate or TEXT ZAAF90 & Amount eg £1 to 70070

The African Baobab Foundation

The African Baobab Foundation was founded in 2008, and aims to enable and empower marginalised people worldwide through provision of holistic services including healthcare, education, employment, and also helping people understand what Conservation and Tourism is all about and how it impacts our overall well being. Our key specialisation is in provision of full range of support services to disabled people to all ages. Our support services are need based, efficient and timely. People with disabilities have generally poorer health, lower education achievements, fewer economic opportunities and higher rates of poverty than people without disabilities. This is largely due to the lack of services available to them and the many obstacles they face in their everyday lives.

Girl-Child Network Worldwide
It is oft quoted that “if you educate a girl, you educate a nation” and Betty Makoni is aiming to empower and educate the world – one girl at a time. “From our lived experiences, we have so many practical ways to support the empowerment of girls in the home, school, and community so that what happened to us will never happen to women and girls again. We want a new breed of girl who will walk in the fullness of her potential” 

Vimba which translates to mean ‘hope’ in the native Zimbabwean language Shona was established in 2007, registered in the UK in 2008 and has grown considerably from donating bags of food and clothes to running three established feeding and education centres in Zimbabwe and have recently partnered with an AIDS orphanage.

“My name is Leoba; I am the founder of Ponayi. I am a mother of four of Southern African origin living here in the UK.  My journey to this point began a few years ago when I was diagnosed with breast cancer which had a devastating effect on my family.  I found it very hard to express myself to all those involved in my health care, including my own GP due to various cultural beliefs and hurdles.  My story has a happy ending, I was one of the lucky ones and I beat my illness. My journey to recovery was what made me think of setting up a charity which would support people like myself and help them through difficult times.”

Save the Rhino
More than 150 rhinos have been killed in South Africa this year, nearly half the amount that were killed in the whole of 2010. Need we say more…

It is sometimes easy to feel overwhelmed by how much work there is still left to be done to erase poverty, and abuse and to help all those that need our help. But the important thing to remember is that if we all play a very small part, a few hours volunteering a month, £1 and £2 donations by text, by running a marathon for a charity, or holding a cake sale and donating the profits we can, and we will achieve great things…together.

“Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin.”
Mother Teresa

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

What to wear for Zim Achievers 2012

With only 10 days to go to the much awaited Awards Ceremony, I hope you are all thinking about what you are going to wear for the event. FashionPolice999 is always at hand with suggestions and advice on what to wear. Here are my thoughts on what makes a great outfit:

-For the Ladies, Know your body shape, wear something that will be flattering on your body

- Guy's wear a suit that fits you properly please. i.e JAMES BOND!!
- Coast, Debenhams, House of Fraser, Monsoon, Topman, Moss Bros, Burton's have a wide range of options with nice dresses, suits, shirts etc
- Don't leave it to the very last minute to go out shopping, otherwise you will just settle for something ok when you could have looked WOW.
- A nice hairdo can make or break a red carpet look, make sure your hair is on point.

What not to wear
-LADIES, This is not a regular night out at your favorite Club, Please don't embarrass me by wearing small Short dresses as if you are going to  club event
-GUYS, NO Jeans Please. When I Say James Bond I mean Suit & Tie.

All I ask for is for people to make an effort. How many times does one get the opportunity to go to an awards ceremony where you can get dolled up and look fabulous? This is the opportunity to get out that outfit you get out for a wedding or one you have  been keeping since your prom. It's time we put Zimbabwe on the Map, I am very excited and surely hope I'm not the only one.

Remember only 10 Days to go, If you haven't already, Get your ticket on the Zim Achievers Website and continue to vote online till the 20th of April for your favourite nominees

See you on the 28th.


Sunday, 15 April 2012

Competition Winners

Born out of a simple vision, The Zimbabwe Achievers Awards is an event that seeks to recognise and honour Zimbabweans who have pushed the limits against all odds to raise the Zimbabwean flag high, 
Hosted by the renowned Zimbabwean actress Chipo Chung, famed for roles on TV series such as Camelot and Dr Who, the second edition of Zimbabwe Achievers Awards will take place at the Grange Tower Bridge Hotel on Saturday 28 April and promises to be a star-studded evening of celebration for the Zimbabwean community in the UK.
Tickets and competition prizes are available for purchase on the ZAA website where you can also view and vote for nominees in diverse categories. See

Congratulations to Margaret Gwatirisa who went to collect her prize at Moneygram offices in London,  on the Picture Margaret Gwatirisa and Moneygram's Gabi Cross 

Congratulations to Tawanda Blessing Mukada who went to collect his prize at the Econet Offices in London, On the picture Tawanda and Econet CEO Margo Signorini 

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Econet Mobile UK Named Co-Sponsor for Zimbabwe Achievers Awards

Econet Mobile UK Named Co-Sponsor for Zimbabwe Achievers Awards
Sinem Bilen-Onabanjo
Zimbabwe Achievers Awards has announced Econet Mobile UK, a subsidiary of Econet Wireless International, one of Africa’s largest telecommunications operators, as a co-sponsor for the second edition of the prestigious event scheduled for Saturday, 28 April 2012."Econet Mobile UK is proud to support The Zimbabwe Achievers Awards for a second year running in a bid to recognise those in the diaspora who are accomplishing great things and also playing a critical role in changing lives back home.
This is in line with Econet’s broad strategy for social and community investment. It is through programs like these, that Econet supports a diverse range of charitable causes, which include children orphaned by AIDS/HIV, church organisations, as well as an annual scholarship program that provides diversified assistance to students said CEO, Marco Signorini of the sponsorship.

Econet's company slogan is 'Inspired to Change the World’; this is a company that Zimbabweans, and Africa as a whole, should be proud of.  We welcome Econet as a co-sponsor not only as a company that shares the same ethos as the ZAAs, that of celebrating achievements and giving back to the community but more importantly as a Zimbabwean brand. The UK ethnic calling card and prepaid SIM market is riddled with products NOT giving the customer what they pay for. We urge all Zimbabweans, and Africans at large to embrace Econet Mobile as one of our own in the UK and a brand which delivers 'class A service' without any hidden charges giving it’s customers value for their pound, said Conrad Mwanza, the CEO of Zimbabwe Achievers Awards.  
Hosted by the renowned Zimbabwean actress Chipo Chung, famed for roles on TV series such as Camelot and Dr Who, the second edition of Zimbabwe Achievers Awards will take place at the Grange Tower Bridge Hotel on Saturday 28 April and promises to be a star-studded evening of celebration for the Zimbabwean community in the UK.

Tickets and competition prizes are available for purchase on the ZAA website where you can also view and vote for nominees in diverse categories. See

Betty Makoni poetically endorsing the Zimbabwe Achievers award

Zimbabwe Achievers   Awards –Building a New Dzimbahwe

Betty Makoni

Betty Makoni(BA Gen, BA Special Hons) is CNN Hero 2009 for Protecting the Powerless and honoured by Nicole Kidman. She has 27 global awards for Innovation, commitment and passion for her work to protect over 300 000 girls in Zimbabwe. She has inspired millions around the world to replicate the Girl Child Empowerment Model. Besides her work with Girl Child Network Worldwide and building many Girl Child Networks in Africa and world over Betty Makoni is a mentor, coach, trainer for many women and girls who want to do similar work. 

United Nations Red Ribbon award honoured  Betty Makoni and Girl Child Network as having the most innovative strategy for gender equality. Betty Makoni is an Ashoka Fellow and singled out as one of the investors in poor and marginalised women and girls deserving of this life honour as a fellow. News of the World named her as  one of the 150 women who shake the world alongside US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. An Honorary Decade Child Rights Hero award(2011) that Betty Makoni received alongside President Nelson Mandela  who won the award also shows the impact Betty Makoni has made globally. 

She has a lifetime of volunteerism and service to many causes and has served on Oxfam Novib  and UNAIDS Round Tables. She sits on many boards of high profile organisations like RESTORED UK and serves as Ambassador and Patron of Africa Achievers Award and Zimbabwe Achievers Awards.

She is a published author of a poetry book,  A woman Once a girl- Breaking Silence which was recently launched in London. Her official biography, Never Again will be launched in five countries in June 2012.

 Betty is featured in best selling books to include Women Who Light the Dark by Paola Gintirtuco, On The Up By Nikki and Rob Wilson as well as main subject in the award winning documentary,Tapestries of Hope by US Independent Presidential Hopeful ,Michealene Risley. Girl Child Network Empowerment Model which she started in 1998 has been singled out as Best Practice and included in University of Essex Journal for Human Rights 2010.

She is a mother of three boys and married to Engineer Irvine Nyamapfene.

When a whole community gathers to celebrate
When achievers one by name and all by achievements
Build with modern achievers stones-the new Dzimbabwe
Each inspired and with inspiration and aspiring
Appreciated, anointed and uplifted
In a Five Star Grange Hotel, Heart of great city
Top Hill where Queen peeps and pampers
With jubilee jubilations from afar in physic and so near in heart
To citizens of one great colony who amidst odds more achievers come
A nation of geniuses with own Guinness book of records
Zimbabwe Achievers Awards –Building New Dzimbabwe

Amongst them achievers come each in a Five star
Nominated from many and named winner of Five star
Musicians who sing for community coherence
Journalists who journey with news only truth and more truth
DJs who Dhigong our dances with their radios stationed in our souls
Community crusaders of noble causes for marginalised and invisible
Personalities never taking things personally
Inspiring, inspired Zimbabwe Achievers of Five star
Hovering like eagles, proud of them like peacocks
In glamour, grandeur and greatness
Zimbabwe Achievers Awards-Building New Dzimbabwe

Celebrating achievers anchors Zimbabwe
Celebrating achievements cultured Zimbabweans
Whatever achievement   ends with Maita, Tatenda, Siyabonga Khakulu
Life hunters with a big feast, women pour out a totem
Maita Shumba, Maita Mhofu, Maita Nyati, Maita Simboti
Maita Shava, Maita Nzou, Maita Dziva, Maita Soko
In totem lie the award to uplift achiever
To anchor and to uplift even to greater heights
Zimbabwe Achievers   Awards –Building a New Dzimbahwe

Ever seen female power in achievers turned male
Maita VaMaDube, VaMuzvare, AmaMoyo
Zimbabwean woman carrying totem and male title
Tilting honour and accolades left right and centre
With Dzimbahwe a house of granite stone
Whose big house achieved without falling
Now Zimbabwe Achievers Awards here our modern Dzimbahwe
 Embracing women who don’t fall and never failures
Zimbabwe Achievers Awards –Building a New Dzimbahwe

 Zimbabwe Achievers Awards-Building New Dzimbahwe
Taking once forgotten modern stones of building civilisation
Seeing them who did it best with awards to do even more
Not with negativity, waste of energy never an award
Never you   gather for negativity when positivity energy brings
With Five star honour each shining so bright and so wise
Where Achievers gather, let energy rejuvenate
A community once punched with negativity
Here then pamper with positivity, achievements of achievers
Anything you can rub off, but not an achievement of an achiever
Zimbabwe Achievers Awards –Building a New Dzimbahwe

MoneyGram Zimbabwe Achievers Awards Announces Shortlist for the Literature Award

Sinem Bilen-Onabanjo
Moneygram Zimbabwe Achievers Awards have announced the five writers shortlisted for the Literature Award ahead of the highly anticipated second edition of the event scheduled for Saturday, 28 April at the prestigious Grange Tower Bridge Hotel in London.

Earlier this year, ZAA revamped this category and called for literary submissions instead of nominations in order to encourage, inspire and celebrate the best writing talents in the community.
“In a bid to encourage Zimbabwe literature, we created an annual literature award that would run hand in hand with the main awards ceremony; in doing so we hope to encourage a huge community of writers who are full of energy and drive and highlight some of the magnificent work being produced by many talented Zimbabwean writers,” said Conrad Mwanza, the CEO of Zimbabwe Achievers Awards.

The winner will be rewarded a $1,000 cash prize from the ZAA and see their work in print in a volume of shortlisted and highly commended entries.

Shortlisted Writers

1. Novuyo Rosa Tshuma – Doctor S

The story of a Zimbabwean student at Wits University having a nervous breakdown is superbly written. It deals with the psychological trauma of life in Zimbabwe that haunts one even when they have left and the loneliness and alienation of life in the diaspora.

2. Lloyd Matowe – Gweja

This is a powerful account of illegal mining at Chiadzwa, the heavy-handedness of the army and police, corruption and the competing personal and political stakes. This is a story that must be told and told very well.

3. Mzana Mthimukulu – What’s in a Dog’s Name?

This was the only entry full of humour and wit. The naming of the family dog becomes more than what it is but a subtext of the larger socio-political issues in the country. Naming and language become political rites. The story highlights generational conflicts and the social contradictions that result from that.

4. John Eppel – Triptych1

This is a very graphic story with powerful and evocative descriptions of place and atmosphere whilst dealing with the brutal violence of the periods before and after independence. The title in itself is symbolic, perhaps, an allusion to the three cinematic scenes around which this story revolves. The story starts in with a young white recruit of the Rhodesian Light Infantry (RFI) and ushers us into the early years of independence and we witness the systematic Gukurahundi massacres, showing broken families and communities.

5. Barbara Mhangami-Ruwande – Uncomfortable Spaces

Set in the British capital that Brian Chikwava has dubbed Harare North, this story documents the illegality of survival in an environment that is unforgiving and unwilling to recognise the humanity of immigrants. It is a story about the trials and tribulations of life in the diaspora written with brutal honesty. Sometimes the victims are not just those who are being cared for but also those who care for those who are being cared for.

The second annual Zimbabwe Achievers Awards to be hosted by Zimbabwean actress Chipo Chungpromises to bring together the movers and shakers of the community in the UK and celebrate the achievements of noteworthy Zimbabweans who have pushed the boundaries and made their mark in diverse fields from fashion to business, from sports to media.

Tickets for the event on Saturday, 28 April can still be purchased on the ZAA where you can also find a full list of nominees and vote for your favourites.